Individual Sound Therapy Sessions

In an individual sound therapy session, you work one-on-one with Astaria to restore harmony to all aspects of your being.

Would you like to be witnessed in the presence of acceptance, non-judgement, no expectations, love and care, allowing you to express what is truly authentic for you in the moment? 

Astaria offers a reflection of all of these things and shares guidance where you may desire a perspective that you haven’t considered yet, to help you remember your truth and awaken your awareness of your divine light essence.  

She will walk alongside you, offering gentle support, empowering you to lead the way on this sacred journey back to your self. 

Allow her to hold space for you in a private sound healing session, where she will give you her full presence.

After all, we are here at this time to walk one another home, back to unity in love. 

Book your space of intentioned focus, supported self-exploration, and unconditional love.  

Spiritual Coaching

Feel like you just need someone to talk to or witness you in your process? Astaria can hold space for you and offer suggestions for what may be useful to integrate into your life for optimal wellness. She can assist you in coming up with a strategy for living that works with your individual needs. A sound session may begin with a check in and reflective discussion. She can also facilitate the exploration of your voice and the empowerment of your unique expression of truth, through supported vocal toning and chanting.   *If you prefer a whole session of counseling or coaching, please let Astaria know prior to your appointment.

Soul Sound Spa

A private Soul Sound Spa session focuses on going deeper into personal healing with sound. You will receive focused intention to bring harmony to whatever is needed in your life at the moment. A session can simply be for deep relaxation or can focus on releasing and bringing balance to specific dis-harmonies within the mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects of your being. Sessions include crystal bowls played on the body, plus other vibrational sound tools that are not typically used in group sessions. Astaria is a soul singer, meaning that you may also receive a channeled song from the cosmic realms, a resonant melody that is completely unique to your session. Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of various instruments and vibrational sound tools, as they facilitate deep peace and relaxation in your being, help to raise your vibration, balance the energy in your body, and promote a sense of harmonious well-being. A sound bath is like going to a spa for your soul. Bathing in the frequencies of various instruments is like getting a massage for your mind, body and spirit.

Sonic Relaxation Session
60 min $77-88

Bathe in sacred soothing sound and allow your body to completely relax into a state of peace.

Standard Tune-Up Session
90 min $99-122

Check in with Astaria to determine key areas of focus and intentions for your well-being. Receive sound to restore harmony to all aspects of your self. *Couples’ sessions are available for an additional $22

Soul Dive Session
2hrs $133-166

Discuss key areas of focus and receive guidance on next steps to take on your path, then immerse yourself in sound to release, clear, attune, and integrate.

Life Level-Up Package
7 Soul Dive Sessions for $777-1111

Work with Astaria to develop a custom designed strategy to both raise your vibration and clear your being for next-level living.

Prices are offered in a sliding scale range to accommodate your financial needs. 

Please email Astaria if you have any questions:

Working with Astaria is inspiring. She brings a sparkling creative energy and a clarity of purpose to each new project….

— Mareena Dufault, RAc, BScH // read more kudos »

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